One off workshops

As soon as the world health situation allows, I will organize :


yoga & méditation weekends

The weekend will be divided into time spent walking in nature, time in meditation and space for questions / answers and reflection.

All teaching and introduction to Heartfulness relaxation and meditation is free.

For more information on Heartful meditation, click on the Heartfulness tab.


I also intend to invite friends who are yoga teachers, to introduce us to this discipline, which is a real art of living in your body consciousness.


Writing workshops

Days, weekends devoted to writing.

Intuitive writing, haiku writing, poetic writing.

The workshop time will be divided in the most creative way of reflective walking in nature, sharing inspired reading and writing in a warm held space.



Gathering wild plants

With the help of competent people, we will go on the paths, in the woods and we will harvest plantain, nettle, alliary, wild garlic, dandelion, elder flowers, rose hips ...

On arrival home, we will transform our harvest and pickings into syrups, herbal teas, jams and pesto.


Useful informations

During the workshop days we will prepare our meals together.

One PAF will be requested per meal.

Accommodation can be either in the house or in neighboring lodgings.

The teachers will offer a price for participating in their workshops.

If you wish to be kept informed of the organization of these thematic days and weekends, send me an email to ask me to send you the information: