Maurenne's Little Cottage in Hastière, accommodates up to 4 people

Are you seeking tranquility, calm and rejuvenation?

Then, this little cottage awaits you!


The little cottage

Attached to the main house,the guesthouse is very pleasant  and can accomodate 2 ( to 4) persons.   What is special about this place?

Calm, steam room and even the possibility to learn relaxation and meditation..

One off workshops


Sometimes, workshops will be held in the guesthouse:  yoga, meditation, writing, cooking ...





No need to drive !  Walks are beginning in the village itself.  Fields, woods, rocks, little streams... Variety is there!

Heartfulness meditation


Heartfulness meditation is a very useful practice. It helps you to find deep inner peace. As a HFN trainer, I can teach a simple method of relaxation and meditation. This initiation is completely free of charge.

Cultural heritage



With a car or by bike, abbeys, churches, parks and old castles are waiting for your visit!

Where to shop & eat



A few good addresses for shops, restaurants, local specialities.